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Crispy Treat Lantern Kit

Crispy Treat Lantern Kit

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 Light the path this Ramadan with these delicious, fun, and HALAL lantern treats by Create and Crescent!

Grab your kids and head into the kitchen to make these beautiful treats! These make for a simple activity at any family gathering or a perfect treat to make for friends, family and neighbors this Ramadan! 

This easy to use kit features a keepsake lantern mold, our Break of Dawn mix sprinkles, Purple and Blue icing tubes, crispy rice and mini halal marshmallows, just add butter to make your treats and enjoy! 


Happy Decorating! 



**This product is intended for personal use only, copying of this product (including but not limited to the design of actual product, boxes and marketing), This is a worldwide design and utility patented product and we will challenge the use of any designs and/or products which infringe on the industrial design of this product.

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