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Journey of Hajj EAT | LEARN | PLAY Placemats

Journey of Hajj EAT | LEARN | PLAY Placemats

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Enhance your child's mealtime experience with our interactive "Journey of Hajj" colorable mat, designed to keep them engaged and informed. This unique mat allows children to learn about the pilgrimage of Hajj while staying occupied, making mealtime more enjoyable. Our EAT | LEARN | PLAY mats serve multiple purposes and offer a range of benefits.

With our colorable "Journey of Hajj" mat, children can explore the various stages of the Hajj pilgrimage through fun and engaging illustrations. From the Kaaba to the symbolic stoning of the devil, these visual representations enable children to develop an understanding of the significance and rituals of Hajj.

Not only does the mat educate and entertain, but it also serves as a practical tool during mealtimes. The durable and easy-to-clean surface makes it ideal for use as a placemat, protecting your table from spills and messes. Its engaging design captures your child's attention, ensuring a focused and enjoyable mealtime experience.

Our EAT | LEARN | PLAY  mats are designed to stimulate children's creativity and imagination. By allowing them to color and personalize the mat, we encourage artistic expression and foster a sense of ownership. This hands-on activity also promotes fine motor skills development, as children markers to bring their mat to life.

 Kits include:

  • 1 Silicone placemat
  • 6 Markers
  • 1 Keeps sake box to store away placemat and markers

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