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Paint-Your-Own Charity Sheep

Paint-Your-Own Charity Sheep

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Introduce your children to the significance of charity this Hajj season through our Sheep Bank, a unique initiative that allows them to personalize and collect donations.

Empower your kids to make a difference by teaching them the value of giving back. Our Sheep Bank provides an engaging and interactive experience where children can customize their very own sheep-shaped bank through painting and decorating. This hands-on activity not only encourages creativity but also instills the importance of generosity and compassion.

As your children personalize their Sheep Banks, they will develop a sense of ownership and pride in their creation. This emotional connection to their charitable mission will further motivate them to contribute and collect donations.

The Sheep Bank serves as a tangible representation of their commitment to charity. Encourage your children to collect spare change, allowances, or even seek donations from friends and family. By filling their Sheep Bank, they are actively participating in the spirit of giving and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Through this initiative, your children will learn valuable lessons about empathy, gratitude, and the power of collective action. They will witness firsthand how small acts of kindness can accumulate and create meaningful change.

Join us in fostering a sense of social responsibility in the younger generation. Let us help you teach your children about the significance of charity this Hajj season with our Sheep Bank, an innovative and enjoyable way for them to contribute and make a difference.

Kits include:

  • 1 Ceramic sheep bank
  • 6 Paint pots
  • 1 Brush
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